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Wed Apr 2 06:44:20 CDT 2008

Network Reorg

You may have noticed some recent hiccups and other outages on the family of websites. This past weekend, as part of a larger network reorganization, I consolidated almost all of the rest of my websites onto my server cluster. This, of course, required some downtime and hot-testing as I needed to move and configure the databases along with most of the sites. The only sites left to move are music.jamespurl.{org,com}. I'm thinking only one of those will survive, and be at .org.

The move wasn't senseless, but part of an overall update and correction that will (eventually) be documented at the link above. As a side effect, though, users that use any of the moved sites through HTTP-SSL may get warnings that the certificate doesn't match the site unless using IE on Vista or Firefox 2.0 or better on anything else. I would recommend those that aren't on Vista just use Firefox. It also means that you *can* use HTTP-SSL on the moved sites (wikipurlia has still to get setup, but the rest are). For some reason, though, Wordpress bumps you back out to http, so I have to look into that (mzrfzr.com). So, for any site with a login, you might hit the https version of the page, at least when logging in.


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