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Sun Jan 20 21:40:45 CST 2008

Observations from the Couch 3

Wow! What a game! First off, congrats to the New York Giants! After a glitch last week that caused me to miss the game, I didn't let Myth get too far in front of the game before I began watching it. This would lead to many pauses whenever I would "catch up" to live TV. Commercials seems overly crass and annoying when you are used to very rarely watching them. Even the little "this game is being brought to you by..." commercials when they come back from commercials annoys.

Very few sportswriters gave the Giants much chance against the Buccaneers. Fewer gave them much chance against the Cowboys. Almost none gave them a chance against the Packers. And that's just the way they like it. They, and by "they", I mean Tynes, tried to give Brett one more try. In all sincerity, I am a fan of Favre, and had they been playing anyone else, I would've been crestfallen. I'm sure a minuscule amount will give the G-Men a shot in the rematch of the Week 17 thriller, but if that "meaningless" game is a preview, then we are in for quite a game!

I certainly will have another Observation from the Couch after Super Bowl XLII!


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