Fri Jul 25 19:43:54 CDT 2008

A New Kind of 'Hood

This site hasn't been updated in a long 'otello! This is because a move has been made. Yes, it has been so long that the unprecedented news blast that covered all the sites (at the time) has been taken to the next level, and most content and free-time has been moved over there. I've setup a new neighborhood in the Geekdom, called Fatherhood. There is a new site for my daughter Anastasia. The name has been one I've liked for a long time, and my wife obliged me as we named our first. To gain access to the pictures over on the new site, you must request an account, which I have to approve by hand, then you'll see a new gallery.

I wrote a little something from before I moved to the Fatherhood, over on I also have some geekiness over there as well. I'll still get off the occasional rant, and do intend to at least finish the Portland trip story (the Atlanta one might get finished, but most of the details escape me). Somehow everything else seems a lot less significant compared to the little girl. That being said, Myth getting turned loose on the Olympics this year may result in stuff remaining until the 2012 Olympics with the distractions and reduced TV veg-time we have.

So, as the posts may come a little farther and few between, you might wanna click to subscribe to this site so you can just be told when I get around to these parts again. I recommend Google Reader for a good RSS aggregator.

As we have a great subject for the business side of the lens, I have re-stoked my interest in photography, one that I developed back in middle school doing astronomy shots of the neat sweeping stars. This time, though, there will be a large dose of A. R. Purl, and some auxiliary stuff. I haven't decided where this auxiliary stuff will go-I already have two gallery sites, but I'd like to isolate my "postcard"-type stuff (which I might also post to online sites in reduced scale), as I don't want to pollute the family feel of either of the existing ones. Maybe "musings" will be the home--as it is already drupal anyway. But before I have to worry about that, I have a lot of learning to do before anything I take would be considered postcard-y.


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