Sun Dec 9 20:32:07 CST 2007

aNOTHER new site!?!?

There is yet another site unleashed on the net. I was able to get back recently, and although a plain placeholder page has been up as a sort of soft launch, the hard launch is nigh! I wanted to make sure the biggest story my sites have been apart of had a thorough run at the top of all my blog sites.

So why do I need another site? I don't! I am basically taking some of the content that appears here--my HOWTO's and short stories--and putting them on a site that features them (along with other works). In the upcoming days, I will post an "album" I created in 1988, as well as part of a novel I wrote in 1996.

Without further delay, I invite you to visit the musings of james purl, though at this exact moment, there isn't much muse to see yet. While I'm here--happy <whatever you celebrate this time of year>! Check out Carol of the Sales from last year


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