Fri May 26 11:52:55 CDT 2006

Worst Month Ever

"Nana" Banks, 1999 May started under the umbrella that my uncle Michael had passed away. To complicate things, there was an incident surrounding his death that caused an autopsy and inquiry by the Coroner. The funeral was held May 8. My grandmother, called "Nana" by all of us grandchildren, seemed to be taking it well on the day of the funeral, but then, as there always is in times like these, there were lots of family, friends and well-wishers around. She made what has turned out to be a hauntingly prophetic statement. She said, "I was worried what would happen to Michael if I went first. Now that he's gone, I don't have to worry. I can just go." She maintained through the next week, as my Aunt Terry was staying in the house with her through Mother's Day. Two days after Terry left, in the evening on May 17, Nana suffered some complications and was admitted to the Critical Care Unit in Newton. Inexplicably, on the Monday prior, my cell phone had stopped working. I was using an unlocked T-Mobile phone with Cingular, and they decided they'd shut off these renegade phones on their network. Due to this, it wasn't until Thursday that Alicia and I got the message about Nana being in the hospital. Alicia and I went right after I got off work Thursday, Friday, Saturday (she had a bad time that day so we only stayed a little while) and Monday, each time staying as long as Geordi's bladder would allow (except Saturday). I texted Tuesday night rather than driving up, and on Wednesday, May 24, my cousin TaMisha responded: "I haven't talked to my mom today but yesterday she said she was doin better." Something dreadful happened on Thursday. I was caught unaware, and I became concerned when Alicia tried to call me three times in a row while I was at work. As soon as I called her back, already expecting the worst, I found out the worst. Not withstanding whatever good (like Geordi) happened this month, it will be remembered by me as the Worst Month Ever. I am comforted knowing she is with God, but sad she is no longer with us.
Thanks to all for your condolences.


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