Mon May 15 09:58:14 CDT 2006

Meet Geordi!

Geordi, Our Sheltie

This is Geordi, our new Sheltie pup! He is 10 weeks old and loves to bite film canisters and old socks, although he doesn't have a strong bite with his puppy teeth. He does NOT like being in his crate while we are attempting to crate train him. Soon, hopefully, he will learn to ask to go out (or respond when we ask him), then the door to his crate will remain open. Britney, our cat, is quite unsure of how she feels about Geordi. For now, even though she is bigger, she is playing it safe and hiding from him.

This puppy is forcing me to tend to the back yard! The grass (yet to be mowed this year) is way too tall for Geordi to get up a good run. He isn't used to his leash yet, so we have to let him get a little running around in the living room.


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