Mon Oct 1 16:08:40 CDT 2007

Observations from the Couch 2

Now THAT'S Football!

I wasn't expecting much from the weekend. Competitve games, maybe, some wins, but certainly not all wins. I am a follower of three football teams: Kansas State in College and The Kansas City Chiefs and New York Giants in the Pros.

Saturday ended up being a fun, expletive laced ride! "So that's what revenge is, huh?!" It was only the beginning. The Chiefs were able to put the wood to the Chargers, and ay dios mio if the Giants, and specifically Osi Umenyiora, didn't treat the Eagles' o-line like a wet paper towel, and threw McNabb around like he owed 'em money!

Now, if they can all just keep doing that, every week they play, until at least when I die, I'd really be happy!

Until next time I'm forced from my comfort zone (like McNabb and McCoy)!


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