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Thu Sep 6 23:33:14 CDT 2007

Observations from the Couch 1

The New Notre Dame?

This is a new type of blast I'll post from time to time. Not my usually well thought out rant or techie geektaculars, just a spot about something I observed.

Just got done watching the NBC telecast of the Colts versus the.. Um, the.. Er, the.. Oh yeah, the Saints! Here are some observations as NBC crowns the next Notre Dame:

  • I think I saw all of the assistant coaches for the Colts, and nary more than Sean Payton for the Saints (usually after something sh!tty happened to the Saints). They even shared with us about that dumb a$$ that dislocated his finger putting his shoes on, right after telling us about the dork that got his fingers broke by an errant punt.
  • Once the outcome of the game was decided (at 24-10), Al and John decided to spend the remainder of the game talking about the Colts, their weak next six games, the klutziness of their coaches (see point above), attempts to end Jason David's career by reminding us that he was getting lit up on all the passing TDs and otherwise hailing the Champs.
  • The fact that Payton Manning was Manning d@mn near all the commercials that sponsored the game, this might explain the point above. And thanks to giving MythTV 30GB of space and a 60 minute headstart, I didn't even watch that many fzing commercials!
I just hope that for national games that the commentary be a little more even-handed, even if the game isn't. I would add that they can talk (positively) about the Giants as much as they want on Sunday.

By the way, the Notre Dame remark is eluding the years of exclusive fanboy-ish coverage of Notre Dame sports on NBC, aka the Notredame Broadcasting Channel. Until the next time my observations move me from the couch to the keyboard, I bid ye a good night!


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