Tue May 29 19:12:09 CDT 2007

Pimpin Sumpin or Warez Da Warez?

Okay, I don't pimp out many things, not being an advertising whore, so you can trust me when I do pimp something out, right?! Well, due to some online conversations, some of my friends ask how I get along when I need to look for a little sumpn sumpn. My method is presented thusly:

  • Look it up on here. Yes, I am a "premium" member.
  • Pass the resultant blob to a suitable program configured to pull from GigaNews. Notice the ad to the lef, bruh, to the lef.

Now what exactly do I download? Why, I'm glad you asked, even if you didn't! I only pull television shows that I already recorded and paid for said reception already in some form. For my details on a related rant check it on this site here. You of course then ask: Why, then, if you recorded them do you need to download them?!?!? Simple! Being the avid television consumer I am, and there being the limited amount of hours in the day that there are, and needing to work, sleep, eat, expunge poo from my bowels and what not, I can not be constantly in front of the television consuming. I therefore record via MythTV the content. Alas, I can't always consume things before my TBs of storage must make way for newer and more exciting (I hope) content! So, sadly, my MythTV system must face the hard decision to make room for Daddy by removing Make Room for Daddy for another episode of Maury. I mean, how else will know who dat baby daddy is from yesterday's show if I don't record today's? MythTV purges content, site unseen, with the promise that it will record it again, should it show again. In the case that I become prepared to consume that content and don't have it (anymore), I grab it, fair and square from the 'Net. As for the opportunities for advertisers to pimp THEIR things to ME (and can't cuz the online versions are commercial free), let me put the beer, viagra and car peddlers' minds at ease by saying confidently that I wouldn't have seen their pimpings anyways--I can skip commercial breaks with one click...

So if you are so inclined to back up your DVR via G-news, sign up via my dealio o'er <-- there, thank you


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