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Thu Apr 27 16:30:04 CDT 2006

New Story Begun

Mr. Purl Goes to Atlanta has been started over in the "Articles" link to the right. It is my attempt to get back to writing/authoring. The rest of this story, along with some early works of "Mr. Purl", will be forthcoming! Some of the early work includes The Untold Miseries of James Purl and A Quarter's Worth of Love.

Take a read and give a shout out!

Congratulations to ak on mentioning the site said purlbog instead of purlblog!


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Sun Apr 16 18:30:47 CDT 2006

Back up (again)

I have once again moved www.jamespurl.com back to reside on katarina. What does this mean to you? Nothing, except that this should put an end to outages on the server.

As you can see, I have installed simple blogging software to replace the rather plain placeholder page we had before. The utility I'm using is called NanoBlogger, and it basically scripts the creation of static html pages, but it is complete with RSS/XML support, theming, archiving, etc. We'll see how it goes! Links to the previous sections of this site are located to the right.

The media link is working! BUT, you have to email me what you'd like to use for your username and i'll autogen a password and reply to ya. Email that to forsgump at jamespurl dot com.

Coming soon: comments to this blog!

I am still working on bringing back the friends mailing list


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Sun Apr 16 18:10:32 CDT 2006

Welcome to NanoBlogger 3.3!

The basic syntax is: nb [-b blog_dir] [options]

How to ...
  • create new weblog (directory) = nb -b [blog_dir] -a
  • create new entry = nb -a
  • create new category = nb -c new -a
  • create new entry with category = nb -c [cat_id] -a
  • list entries = nb -l [all|DATE|max]
  • list categories = nb -l cat
  • list entries by category = nb -c [cat_id] -l [all|DATE|max]
  • edit entry = nb -e [entry_id]
  • move entry to category = nb -c [cat_id] -m [entry_id]
  • delete entry = nb -d [entry_id]
  • delete category = nb -c [cat_id] -d cat
  • delete entry from category = nb -c [cat_id] -d [entry_id]
  • draft entry = nb -E [draft_file]
  • import draft as entry = nb -f [draft_file] -a
  • force update of weblog files = nb -u [all|DATE|main]

Thank you for trying NanoBlogger. Please direct comments and suggestions to the mailing list or submit a bug report to the project page on sourceforge.net.


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